Groundwork RVA strives to revive underserved Richmond communities by empowering civic and youth organizations to take an active role in facilitating environmental, economic, and social wellbeing in their neighborhoods through the transformation of blighted and neglected open spaces into public assets.

To achieve our mission and purpose, Groundwork RVA serves as a “catalyst” to help or inspire “property stakeholders
to turn properties from brown to green.


A “catalyst” role means:

  • Applying expertise (such as knowledge and processes for project planning and implementation, environmental awareness)
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Providing resources (such as materials, supplies and tools)
  • Directing project funding

A “property stakeholder” means the property’s:

  • Community residents
  • Users
  • Owners (such as the City)
  • Friends-of-Friends related organizations.

The catalyst role and property stakeholders will vary from project to project and program to program.