Summer Program
Urban Archeology Corps (UAC) was created as a collaboration between Groundwork RVA and the National Parks Service. In this 8-week program, Richmond high school students will excavate an archaeological site and develop an interpretation plan at Chimborazo National Park, the site of Chimborazo Hospital one of the largest Civil War hospitals and, after the Civil War, a Freedmen’s Community. Students will learn about research, archaeology basics, public outreach and interviewing. Engaging with local history, students will address unanswered questions about Chimborazo posed by community members. The program aims to use archaeology as a vehicle for young people to learn about urban national parks and their surrounding communities, the diverse histories and resources that make these places special, and public service and National Park Service employment. Its goal is to educate and empower high school students from across the Richmond area.

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Project
During the summer program Fridays we combined groups with the National Battlefields YCC group to work on a walkway in City of Richmond part of Chimborazo Park.

Maggie L. Walker National Park
Richmond Battlefield National Parks
Virginia Historical Society
American Civil War Museum
Virginia Department of Historical Records
Chimborazo Park & Neighborhood
Pamunkey Indian Reservation
Library of Virginia

National Parks Service
Maggie Walker National Historic Site
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