Through partnership with the Outdoors Club, Groundwork RVA has created a Green Team at Huguenot High School with Scot Burns a Biology teacher.

Huguenot High School Campus Landscape Design
The Green Team will design and implement an updated landscape plan for Huguenot High School’s campus. Green Team members will understand the importance of local plants for the soil and the environmental impact of landscape design. During the 2016-2017 school year, members will choose which plants and which areas are developed by the Green Team!

2017 Project
Thanks to a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant, Huguenot High School has the opportunity to install a pollinator garden on campus! Starting Spring 2017, Green Team members and other students will be changing the landscape at their school to better suit the local ecology!

James River Park System
Huguenot High School is located walking distance from the James River. Over the year we will participate in a variety of urban hikes to build up the knowledge, speed, and stamina to walk to the park system and back before the after school buses depart.