Programmatic Focus: Green Campus Masterplan
The Green Team will design and implement a high school campus green masterplan incorporating new pedestrian connections and shared facilities with the north side neighborhood, including an outdoor classroom, urban horticulture facilities, nature trail components, and ecological testing site for monitoring of Cannon Creek.


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2017 Projects

  • Designation of a farmer’s market, site, schedule, and joint-management plan with civic association
  • Design and install a pollinator garden with funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Build and operate an aquaponics system

Future Activities

  • Study of “social paths” and human circulation in Cannon Creek ravine; how to improve environmental impacts
  • Rehabilitation of neglected greenhouse on school property, for the purpose of raising local and native plants to repopulate Cannon Creek ravine, adjacent to the campus.
  • Analysis of urban infrastructure remaining from Richmond’s streetcar system and adaptive reuse of poles as community identifiers
  • Study of changes in architectural character of the urban design of Brookland Park Boulevard

Completed Projects

  • Construction of a safe pedestrian crossing/ nature trail at Cannon Creek ravine, which will create connectivity from the school campus and community garden facility to the adjacent neighborhood.
  • Design and construction of an outdoor classroom for multi-purpose use as a school classroom and community farmers’ market and performance space
  • Placement of water quality and soil quality test stations at Cannon Creek ravine to enable monitoring of the health of Cannon Creek
  • Garbology study of materials found in Cannon Creek ravine

Belle Isle Geo-Timeline

City of Richmond Community Gardens Program
City of Richmond Department of Parks & Recreational Facilities
City of Richmond Trails Manager
Department of Historic Resources
Library of Virginia
Richmond Community High School
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Virginia State University