George Wythe High School at Bellemeade Community Center

Bellemeade Community Green Workforce

Groundwork RVA and the City of Richmond Department of Parks & Recreation are engaged in a Green Workforce partnership that prepares high school youth for careers in parks conservation, landscape design and sustainable maintenance, civic leadership, and environmental health. In their implementation of a watershed landscape and community garden plan created by the neighborhood, youth will develop leadership skills, the techniques of landscape maintenance, and knowledge of parks management. Green Workforce participants complete weekly conservation leadership lessons in the field and classroom practicum. Team members will work with civic leaders to create safe and beautiful routes from the neighborhood to the Bellemeade Recreational Center.



  • Provide high school youth training in park conservation, project management, and opportunities to develop leadership skills through Green Workforce program
  • Create a sense of civic engagement, pride, and stewardship among participants and their families by engaging them in Bellemeade Watershed Conservation
  • The Green Workforce will assist with planning and flagging of the Reedy Creek Greenway, as well as work with the Reedy Creek Coalition to conserve native species and remove invasive species in parks located on the greenway path.
  • Urban archaeologists will work with students to study Native American artifacts in Crooked Branch Park
  • A brief history of time on Route 1 – artistic installation on Minefee Street

City of Richmond
Department of Parks & Recreational Facilities
COR Community Gardens Program
Renew Richmond
Virginia State University
George Wythe High School
Reedy Creek Coalition
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Bellemeade Watershed Coalition