Armstrong High School at Mosby Court

Mosby Community Connectivity and Rejuvenation
The Green Team will design and implement a bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure plan, including a bicycle skills park at the Armstrong High School site and create expanded bike/pedestrian connections and shared facilities with the East End neighborhood. Junior members of the Green Team will pursue a recycling program at the school and neighborhood level, while high school youth work with GWRVA to install rain gardens and murals to improve health and environment at the neighborhood level.

2017 Project:
Establishing a recycling program at Armstrong High School one classroom at a time!

Future Activities

  • Complete construction of phase 1 of Eastview Trail Connector, linking Shockoe Valley with Eastview, Whitcomb, and Mosby Court
  • Identification of new pedestrian and bicycle routes connecting North Church Hill, Fairmount, Peter Paul neighborhoods to Armstrong High School, Mosby Court, and existing bicycle connectors to local and national parks (James River Park System, Maggie Walker National Park)
  • Plan and advocate for installation of new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure at the level of city government, working with City of Richmond Department of Parks & Recreational Facilities
  • Recycling program at Mosby Court in collaboration with Replenish Richmond, Kinfolk, and Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority
  • Mosby Arts & Gardens initiative with residents of Mosby Court to design and install 15 rain gardens and murals at community-designated sites throughout Mosby Court
  • The murals that accompany these gardens will reflect the theme of rejuvenation through art, celebration of history, and ecology
  • Visit the Slave Burial Ground site, adjacent to Mosby neighborhood, and explore the history of Gabriel’s Rebellion and Lumpkins Jail sites; create a radio story for broadcast on public radio
  • Plotting social paths to the Slave Burial Ground and planning safe/signed bike/pedestrian connections to and from Mosby Court & Eastview
  • Installation of permaculture garden at Slave Burial Ground site

Groundwork RVA’s Armstrong Green Team members are working with Renew Richmond to create a viable urban farm on a site beside Armstrong High School. Green Team members are working on infrastructure and planting in Farmstrong to create an accessible community farm in the local food desert.

Richmond Cycling Corps
Mosby Tenant Council
Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority
Replenish Richmond
Armstrong High School