Groundwork RVA’s Green Team is made up of youth from participating Richmond Public High Schools. Green Team members take on revitalization projects that have an impact at a neighborhood level, creating bridges, gardens, trails, and opening new points of access to Richmond’s natural and cultural resources. Youth develop into conservation leaders from our Green Team, equipped with the skills to reshape our city.

Groundwork RVA works with teachers, students and parents on campus improvement projects on Richmond Public School campuses, such as greenhouse construction, rain garden installation, and outdoor classroom planning and creation.  Projects are student, faculty, or staff driven, and create opportunities for education and campus beautification.

Green Team members help lead environmental initiatives, conduct educational outreach, and improve the physical environment. The Green Team promotes environmental action by engaging teens in hands-on projects on area waterways, urban gardens, parks and open spaces. Youth ages 14 to 24 gain career and educational exposure in natural resource sectors, and develop environmental stewardship and community capacity-building skills.  The Team generally works full-time during the summer, including one or more weeks camping, and after school and some Saturdays during the academic year.

Green Team members Serve as ambassadors to the community by conducting outreach and making presentations on the importance of the environment to residents, elected officials, and community groups.

In addition to working several hands-on projects, the Green Team participates in a series of field trips organized in conjunction with the National Parks Service. These field trips bring the group to fun and interesting places while connecting students interested in preserving and restoring natural spaces with job opportunities and experience in the field. Trip attendees will also complete service projects within the park during their visit.